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Overflow is a book of discovery, mystery, colourful underwater lands, and a complicated series of historical events.

Four creatures find a whole world beneath their feet, one of true beauty. So many colours, so many creatures, and so much unexplored territory! What awaits these four brave souls deep beneath?

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Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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After Chapters 0-2 of Wendy and the Sprite, Eric had a surge of inspiration for a whole new book. It took less than 4 months to make said book, the ideas were “Overflowing” and it basically wrote itself!

An incredibly long time after Wendy and the Sprite, a world above water is enveloped in a black and white landscape, one of a dull and lifeless experience. These four creatures seek adventure, and they sure as heck find some!

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Since Wendy and most of the creatures in the comic series don't speak, Overflow gave Eric an opportunity to write with more dialogue, and see how this can work in his comic formats!

This new landscape, creatures, and plot line also gave a lot of opportunity for lore building. Since the book is set so far int he future, a lot has changed. What do the events of Wendy and the Sprite have to do with this plot I wonder?

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Overflow, now opening many avenues for lore and character building, gave Eric another new idea for a book, Dot the Robot. We know the present (Wendy), we know the future (Overflow), but what about the planet's past?

Dot the Robot!

Going Up?

Going Up?

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