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Wendy and the Sprite is the adventure of a Snow Nymph and an Ice Sprite, traversing an old, frozen planet. Along their adventure, they discover a phenomenon called, “The Fading”, making the planet and it's inhabitants lose their colour and memory.

Wendy and the Sprite Chapter 0Wendy and the Sprite Chapter 1Wendy and the Sprite Chapter 2

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Wendy Series!
Wendy and the Sprite Backstory Sketch

The Wendy and the Sprite series started as a post-secondary animation project. With the characters in mind, Eric made an animation that would ultimately become Chapter 1: Awakening

Original idea for Wendy and the Sprite

Wendy and the Sprite AnimationWendy and the Sprite Grid 1Wendy and the Sprite Grid 2Wendy and the Sprite Grid 3

After switching to a comic book format, Chapter 0 was created as a way to have context to what would have been an animated story

Wendy and the Sprite Chapter 0

Eric works mostly with coincidence, candidness and spontaneity. As the story and lore progresses, the characters and history begin to speak for themselves!

This makes for unexpected characters and twists even for the creator!


Raze Cub, Wendy Chapter 2


Gribble and their Grub of Gribblets, Wendy Chapter 2

Naturally, the story has grown into something much more than a Snow Person and a Ball of Ice.

Exploring narratives of Witchcraft, Robotic Animals, Spatial Phenomenons, native’s at war with stone people, The Sun splitting in half, as well as underwater adventures, Wendy and the Sprite was only the beginning of a much bigger project

Mount Genesis

Mount Genesis, Era of Fading

Starla and Doom

Starla the Cosmic Witch and the Doom Sprites

By this point, 3 comics were released, with Wendy having gone through 4 character concepts before finalizing their look

Wendy Portrait 2018Wendy Portrait 2019Wendy Portrait 2021Wendy Portrait 2021

Wendy and the Sprite has 3 graphic novels so far, and is planned to continue, however, to build up the story, Eric has started two other series to go alongside it.

The story doesn't stop at this series, all fo Eric's work interconnect, explore and enjoy!

Wendy and Sprite quickly became the mascots of Eric's illustrative practice, being on all branding material, every sketchbook, and every story he came up with

Wendy Eyes
Cookie Shirt
Finished Shirt
Raze ConceptGribble Concept
Shadow Umbra Concept
Wendy BioSprite BioStarla BioBelle Bio
Wendy 2024

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Going Up?

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